Oh baby, baby….

We’ve all seen those memes, you know the one – ‘you don’t realise how many people you dislike until it comes to naming a baby’, you’ve had a chuckle and then thought nothing of it. But no, really, it couldn’t be more true.

We’ve had ‘the’ name chosen for a while but last night I voiced a couple of concerns I have to my husband and his reply was “oh shit, don’t do this”…but he then agreed with my worries. We then spent an hour going through every ‘Top 100 Names’ searching for something we liked as much, we found one. One.
I’d just like to clear up that my worry isn’t really a worry, it’s just that this name we had chosen is a main character in a TV show, one I’m not particularly a fan of, that’s all. And I still love it, which stresses me out more as I do still want it, I was just interested in alternatives, and then we found another we loved as much. Crap.

So to summarise our current situation:

  • There are a couple of outliers, but they involve also rethinking the middle name and that’s just not worth it.
  • I’m also not sure about having a ‘popular’ name but there’s no way I’m brave enough to go for something a bit more whacky so chances are it will appear on a list, i’ll just have to get over that!
  • We decided we weren’t posh enough for some choices, if that’s even a thing?!

Also, I am one of these people that gets reallllly annoyed when people don’t name their baby when it’s born, “they’ve had 9 months to think about it” blah blah. Argh!
So…we are currently in the phase of having two names and being the parents that wait and see what the baby looks like. What?! Hopefully she’ll look like a baby. And then we’ll just end up back at square one.
Looks like we’ll be flipping a coin…. because as they say, you soon realise what you’re hoping for when a coin is in the air…

Much love, from one very undecided mummy xxx

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